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MyPoints Europe will be launching this summer in the UK, with a phased rollout to key European markets. MyPoints allows its advertisers to reward virtually any online consumer activity, and Boots, Dixons and Marks & Spencer are amongst the first companies to sign up for UK roll-out. The company is a joint venture between Inc and Great Universal Stores.

Since its foundation in 1996, MyPoints has inspired a sea-change in online reward schemes as no purchase is necessary. Consumers can earn points for reading emails; filling out surveys; visiting web sites, making referrals to friends, trying offers, and shopping. The company even rewards consumers for providing registration details. Points are redeemable as gift vouchers from brands such as Boots, Curry's, Dixons, Halfords, The Link, Marks & Spencer, and PC World. 

The company expects UK members to earn over £1 million worth of points in the first twelve months in two primary ways: either browsing on to an ‘earnings’ page showing offers suited to the user, or by accepting MyPoints Bonus Mail, which delivers targeted offers to the consumer’s email box.

When registering their personal profiles, members are asked to indicate their areas of interest, so that they can receive targeted offers.

David Brosse, for MyPoints, comments, “MyPoints Europe is a true permission-based programme that rewards consumers for interacting with advertisers. Here in the UK, we hope to mirror the success that MyPoints has had in the US and assemble a highly responsive audience of consumers, and a partner list that includes the most respected brands”.

Security and privacy are fundamental to the success of the game. Once registered, members remain in control of their information and can change their preferences, and regulate the volume of email offers they receive.

In the US, MyPoints has 8.1million members who spend on average 33 minutes when visiting the site. A study published by placed ahead of most major portals, including Amazon, eBay, Excite, Go and MSN.


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