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TietoEnator and Kommunedata to collaborate

6th Sep 2000
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Danish service provider Kommunedata (KMD) and TietoEnator have entered a three-year agreement to provide services for larger IT systems.

TietoEnator will create total solutions on the Danish market, and KMD will become the service provider for TietoEnator’s customers when information is to be stored in Denmark.

“Our position as a service provider and web hotel is strengthened by one of the largest Nordic IT companies choosing KMD as their collaborative partner,” said KMD managing director, Lars Monrad-Gylling.

KMD’s web hotel, which house sites for 500 private businesses, is also one of the country’s largest.

TietoEnator provides services directly in Sweden and Finland. The company had previously lacked the capabilities to provide local service in Denmark.

“The agreement is an important tactical move for us on the Danish market,” said Dan-Åke Enstedt, senior executive vice president, TietoEnator processing and network support. “It gives us substantially improved capabilities in delivering total solutions for larger Danish companies and institutions.”

The initial focus for TietoEnator and KMD is on the creation of an established range of products and services. “It’s too early to know exactly what this will mean in terms of expected increases in earnings,” said Lars Monrad-Gylling. “But just one large order could mean sales of tens of millions in Danish kronor for KMD.”

The agreement will remain in effect until 31 June, 2003.




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