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Recognition Systems Inc. recently introduced its new marketing automation system, Protagona, which is based on what it calls ‘business paradigm-experience management’—the consistent delivery of personalised marketing message across all channels.

Recognition Sytems claims Protagona is the only product currently available which delivers the functionality required to realise the full potential of experience management. The system gleans information from customers when they communicate with the company through e-mail, direct mail, call centres teller windows and web sites, immediately delivering a customised offer.

"Companies need to create experiences in line with the disposition and expectations of every customer, and Protagona does this," enthused Bryan Black, Chief Executive of Recognition Systems.

Protagona has the ability to identify customers, look up any past experiences with the customer such as purchases and inquiries, make initial recommendations, respond to the customer’s behaviour by offering a different recommendation, and update the customer’s history at the completion of the transaction.

"By leveraging traditional channels and delivering a solution that optimises the use of the Internet, our clients can cross-sell products and improve their customers’ satisfaction. By learning from customer history and delivering a personal experience, it encourages and rewards customers for their loyalty," Black explained.


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