Toby Detter-an Eagle's View of eCRM
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Following last week’s case study on Shell Europe’s CRM Strategy and Architecture, Toby Detter spoke to CRM Forum. Detter cut his teeth on sales and marketing strategies in Holland, UK and Scandinavia, and has the eagle’s view of business initiatives.

Detter explained that in the late Eighties, service in industry generally was rudimentary, to say the least. If, for instance, a customer had a query about an invoice, it might take four telephone calls to different people to sort out the problem. There might be outstanding complaints about a new product on the market, but the sales force would be the last people to know about the problems.

It became apparent that there must be a closer relationship between service, complaints department and the sales force. This prompted a campaign within Shell to integrate sales, service and marketing. Then three years ago a decision was made to invest in organised support:  the IT infrastructure was put in place, and rolled out in Europe, America, Asia and South Africa.

“The objective is to give our customer one view of us, and for us to have a single view of the customer,” said Detter. “To get this, you need a consistent business process to deliver the promise, and the IT structure to tie it together.”

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