Touring Club Suisse gets WAPed
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Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP) in Geneva has delivered Touring Club Suisse (TCS), the Swiss automobile association, a multi-lingual WAP service to keep drivers up to date with the latest traffic information.

The service is free and is the first such solution provided by a European automobile association. CTP, a global eBusiness services provider, delivered the solution in just three weeks.

Jean-Louis Morel, a CTP engagement partner, said: “It’s been a very exciting and fast-paced project. The multi-lingual requirement added an extra challenge, as did the need to support a wide range of WAP devices. The project was about 90% systems integration work and 10% WAP specific, which we find is the usual split for most WAP implementations.”

The WAP service allows users to check the latest Swiss travel information to avoid traffic problems such as congestion, road works, accidents or extreme weather conditions. The service is accessible through a standard WAP phone.

The user interface is simple to navigate with the information organized geographically or by category (such as road condition, road works, passes and tunnels).

Philippe Oertle, head of communications at Touring Club Suisse said: “We were very keen to provide our members with WAP-enabled traffic information as it is the most convenient way to keep drivers up to date while travelling. We turned to Cambridge for the solution as the company has completed a number of projects for us and demonstrated a lot of wireless knowledge and experience.”

Touring Club Suisse
Founded in 1896, the TCS safeguards the rights of its members in the field of road traffic. It is the principal club of its kind in Switzerland, with around 1.4 million members – almost half the motorists in the country. TCS maintains a national presence, with 45 offices and 14 technical centers, and some 1,200 staff working around the clock, seven days a week, all year round.

Cambridge Technology Partners
Cambridge Technology Partners provides strategic and management consulting as well as systems integration services to transform its clients into eBusinesses. Working in collaboration with Global 1000 and high-velocity middle market companies, Cambridge combines an understanding of New Economy issues with integrated, end-to-end services, and a track record of shared risk and rapid, guaranteed delivery. Cambridge generated $586.6 million in revenue in 2000, with $347.4 million from its global eBusiness solutions. It has 3,800 employees in 19 countries around the world, and is a Safeguard Scientifics partner company.



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