Turkey celebrates $100 million launch of general packet radio

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Telsim has launched the first commercial General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network in Turkey, one of the world’s first operators to implement GPRS. The launch comes just four months after the first live GPRS call in Turkey, with a core network supplied by Motorola and alliance partner Cisco in a deal worth some $100 million.

Earlier this year, the Motorola/Cisco solution enabled Telsim to trial mobile internet access using a wireless application protocol (WAP) over GPRS solution. Applications included email access, mobile e-commerce and mobile banking services.

GPRS as the fastest mobile internet service available today, enabling Telsim to provide more effective use of WAP browsing, and giving users a virtual permanent connection to internet-based content and services. Telsim’s commercial GPRS tariffs will be based on the data transferred, not the connection time.

Oguz Ozcu, general manager of Telsim, said: “The speed of internet access achieved with GPRS gives users enormous benefits of mobility and flexibility. We are implementing GPRS now as the key investment and migration tool for the future third generation network, which will enable an even greater range of services. An established GPRS network will provide a solid platform for the evolution to third generation communications.”

Jeff Gordon, Motorola general manager of the Network Solutions Sector for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “Telsim is once again taking technology forward in Turkey at internet speed, leading the way with the first implementation of GPRS wireless data. With their planned network expansion to some five million subscribers by the end of the year, we look forward to working with Telsim to achieve the full potential of GPRS in one of the world’s first nationwide commercial systems.”

Motorola’s GPRS contract with Telsim is for the country-wide implementation of Motorola’s total Aspira GPRS network solution, and includes Motorola’s Serving GPRS Support Node, Cisco’s internet solutions including the Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) and Cisco 12000 internet routers in the core backbone. The world’s first GPRS networks launched last month, enabled by the Motorola/Cisco GPRS solution.

The Motorola/Cisco GPRS architecture can be implemented over an existing GSM network, protecting operators’ investment. Motorola’s GSM infrastructure systems are GPRS-ready, requiring only a software load and PCU addition, with no modifications to existing hardware.




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