US Coast Guard keeps tabs on search and rescue with Cosmos Visualizer
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Visualization is a critical component of today’s business intelligence, presenting complex data in a visual way, to allow users to scan the information quickly. Now Cognos, the world’s largest business intelligence company, has given its enterprise business intelligence solution a visualization edge.

The 35,000-person, 209-year-old US Coast Guard uses the Cognos solution as an operational cockpit for its search and rescue stations. The solution lets the Coast Guard analyze the causes of boating accidents, discover the availability of ships and search and rescue equipment, and tap into a repository of skills. Using a web browser, personnel can view information across the US Coast Guard’s secure extranet.

Lt. Commander Jim Cash, US Coast Guard, said, “We know, at a glance, what equipment, personnel and other resources are available to tackle search and rescue missions. The Cognos solution also lets us know where and when we have to add to the skill sets, staff and resources to better serve our communities. It allows our entire team to understand the overall needs immediately.”

The new 1.5 version of Cognos Visualizer gives a rich and diverse multi-chart display of performance metrics in a single, powerful presentation. This is a single-vendor solution that integrates with Cognos reporting, query and analysis components, all accessed through a single portal and all sharing the platform’s common security and metadata management.

Visualizer monitors the pulse of the business with an at-a-glance view. Staff can use 2D and 3D charts and maps to see trends in revenue and inventory, patterns in adoption, and variance from budget.

“For many organizations, their business intelligence solution is the way they drive their business. It serves as their window on business progress,” said Philip Russom, senior analyst of the research firm, Hurwitz. “By presenting the data in a highly graphical way, decision makers are able to transform raw business data into truly actionable intelligence.”

“Cognos addresses the prime issue for today’s e-businesses: the need for speed. Visualization allows organizations to accelerate the time it takes between getting the information, understanding that information and acting on the information,” said Joanne Masingill, Cognos senior vice president of marketing. “Cognos Visualizer brings businesses’ key issues and hot buttons to life graphically, allowing everyone to see the critical business information they are viewing like never before.”

Enhancements to Cognos Visualizer 1.5 include:
*improved presentation - gauge charts for scorecarding; table charts that display multiple dimensions with drillable categories; a cross-tab chart with declarable coloring; TrueType font support; and axis-label formatting
*sophisticated mapping – users can drill to more focused maps by simply clicking a mouse.
*enhanced distribution – users now have a wide range of distribution possibilities for reports as well as publishing to the Upfront portal, saving custom views, or using new print options for enhanced appearance
*expanded web support – additional web server platforms on IBM AIX, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris, as well as Windows NT and Windows 2000.

The latest version of Cognos Visualizer will be available late September 2000.



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