US government advised to learn from eBusiness
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Gartner Group network security research director John Pescatore, this week advised the U.S. subcommittee on government management, information and technology to learn from private industry’s success in eBusiness.

He also urged collaboration among government agencies to step up internet security measures. The coordination and communication among government agencies must be improved with training and with the institution of best practices that link government and business security alert systems.

“These hearings are the first steps in the process,” said Pescatore. “Sharing knowledge, best practices and advice is not only the best defense against security attacks, it is also extremely cost-effective for taxpayers.”

According to Gartner, the US government should become a model citizen on the internet by demonstrating sound security measures within government systems.

As for internet legislation, Gartner advised the government to listen to private industry for best practices and guidance and avoid the temptation to force hierarchical solutions on the distributed internet.

Pescatore summarized by indicating that the government has an opportunity to play a leadership role in making the internet safe for business and government use.



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