Voyage of Visual Discovery shows up the gaps
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Web site analysis is leaving users guessing about how customers are behaving online. Software misses important trends buried in data, cannot answer ‘ad hoc’ queries and is ineffective on multi-dimensional problems. In a new report, Visual Insights says that analysis tools are failing to respond to the demand for greater customer intimacy.

“Web retailers are spending an average of £29 per new customer. Given these costs, companies are demanding a new level of accountability for their investments,” said Dr Stephen Eick, author of the report. “Clearly, they need more powerful analysis tools than static reports to establish what visitors to their site experience.”

‘Visual Discovery: Website analysis that sees what others miss’, looks at what makes web information useful, what online variables it is essential to know, and the cost of analysing web site activity.

“What’s needed is a new ‘visitor-centric’ analysis solution that offers a unified view of the customer. Visual Discovery does this by transforming data into clear ‘visual information portals’ which present data in hundreds of different ways. This allows managers to identify business opportunities and act on them,” he added.

Visual Insights was formed in 1997 to leverage 10 years of Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories’ research and development in data visualisation technology. After spinning off from Lucent in 1999, Visual Insights acquired Visible Decisions.

Visual Insights


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