Webridge and Agency.com alliance

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Webridge, Inc., a supplier of enterprise eBusiness application software, has announced the signing of a technology alliance agreement with Agency.com, a New York-based interactive services and consulting company.  Agency.com have said that the alliance will allow Webridge’s Express applications for e-commerce, partner relationship management and knowledge portals to be offered to Agency.com clients. The two companies have already delivered joint eBusiness solutions to customers such as Honeywell, Deutsche Bank and Primedia Workplace Learning.

"We are impressed with the extensibility of the Webridge platform, and the speed with which it allows us to deploy applications," said Larry Krakauer, chief technology officer of Agency.com. "And because of the complete transactional environment, the Webridge Express Framework provides far more functionality than traditional solutions. It's a comprehensive, scalable information architecture that is flexible enough to support the changing needs of rapidly developing Internet enterprises."

In addition to recommending and deploying Webridge solutions for clients, Agency.com has launched its corporate knowledge management portal built on Webridge's Express Framework. The intranet site, which is the central repository for the storage and retrieval of Agency.com knowledge assets, is based upon the concept of “rooms,” which are information portals centered around well-defined topics or classifications. Rooms are intended to provide the foundation for organizing all of the Intranet content and for creating communities of people who share information, common interests, and needs with one another.

The Webridge platform currently supports internal Agency.com employees, but the application is designed to address broader information sharing needs as well. Eventually it is intended that the Webridge Express Framework will be used to build secure extranet sites that allow Agency.com to share confidential information with clients.

"Agency.com's intranet implementation is just one example of how the Webridge Express Framework can assist companies in leveraging internal knowledge," said Webridge CEO Gary Fielland. "The intranet enables Agency.com to serve its clients more efficiently while implementing highly functional eBusiness systems in Internet time. We look forward to working with Agency.com to help additional customers deploy Webridge eBusiness solutions for employees, customers, and partners."


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