Who will buy Salesforce.com?

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Who's going to buy Salesforce.com? Well, we should note at this point that (as far as we're all aware) the firm isn't actually up for grabs anyway. But that's not stopping plenty of people speculating about who would be the most likely bidder.

During last week's rumble between Salesforce.com and SAP at The Churchill Club debate in Silicon Valley, SAP CEO Hasso Plattner appeared to have some insider skinny on all this:

"I don't want to be too tacky, but you're so Oracle focused. There will be a massive joint venture between Oracle and you to make your platform so big that, really, 1,000 companies or 2,000 companies and 1.2 million developers can sit on top."

Earlier he demanded of Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff:

"Will that...all change when Oracle acquires you?

When asked if an Oracle deal was likely, Benioff for his part merely commented:

'I'm learning about it for the first time right here, it's very exciting."

Plattner's response:

"It was in the papers."

Oh Hasso, you should never believe what you read in the papers - unless it's on MyCustomer.com of course! I mean, it's only a matter of time before the Google to buy Salesforce.com rumours start up again on the back of the partnership/reseller announcements that are being made next Monday. And they won't be any truer than they were the last time we all dusted them off and gave them an airing!

Of course, we could start the SAP to buy Salesforce.com rumour...but according to Plattner:

"You are still too good a friend with Larry, and I don't go into bidding wars!"


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