Wizmo raises $28 million in private financing

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US e-business consulting and applications services firm Wizmo has closed its second round of private financing with $28 million provided by Sandler Capital Management, Novell and Hewlett Packard.

The financing will be used to expand relationships with US resellers, implement a global business model, and position itself as a leading application service provider. It will also enable Wizmo to expand its sales, marketing and distribution initiatives; enhance its technical infrastructure; and further establish its brand.

In addition, Wizmo has entered into a strategic partner agreement with Novell to allow access to its vast reseller marketing channel.

Wizmo will use best-of-breed HP and Novell technology and their channel partners to power Wizmo’s industry application services offering.

Established in 1999, Wizmo delivers IT and e-business services to more than 3,000 customers and 30,000 desktops nationally.



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30th May 2016 05:14

There are a lot of technology businesses that seem to be able to pull in an immense amount financing these days aren't there! But it's not surprising since the internet related businesses and solutions are where the money really is now anyway. And what with the new generation being stuck to their piece of technology equipment, it looks like something that isn't going to change for a long time more to come...

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