Woman steps up to the helm of AltaVista UK

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AltaVista, has appointed Stephanie Himoff as managing director of AltaVista UK. Himoff has been acting managing director since August.

Pierre Paperon, president of AltaVista Europe, commented: “Under Stephanie’s leadership, AltaVista UK has swiftly refocused on its core business of Internet search technology. There are now almost three million British users of AltaVista each month. Her industry knowledge and enthusiasm have strengthened and motivated the UK team and I am confident that with Stephanie at the helm, AltaVista UK can build on its impressive performance.”

“People continue to return to altavista.co.uk precisely because they know we will help them find the information they are looking for,” said Himoff. “AltaVista is already widely recognised for its expertise in search technology and AltaVista UK has plans for further site innovations and strategic partnerships that will greatly enhance the search experience for Internet users. Our search technology and understanding of users’ habits and preferences will continue to keep altavista.co.uk ahead in a leading position.”

Himoff joined AltaVista UK as head of business development in March 2000, securing strategic partnerships with several Internet companies including ZDNet, Lastminute.com and Buy.com. Before joining AltaVista, she was director of business development for the EMEA region at CMP Media.

AltaVista UK is part of AltaVista Europe, the leading Internet search engine. AltaVista performs more than 50 million web search queries on average per day throughout the world.

AltaVista Europe has sites in Germany (altavista.de) Sweden (altavista.se), France (altavista.fr), the Netherlands (altavista.nl), Italy (altavista.it), India (in.altavista.com), Denmark (altavista.dk), Australia (altavista.com.au) and now Ireland (altavista.ie).

AltaVista is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Andover, Massachusetts.

AltaVista UK


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