Yes 2 Enhanced Messaging
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The report "Yes 2 Enhanced Messaging" looks at the messaging market for the next two years. It looks at the interim messaging standards that will be launched in-between SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services).

There is no question that SMS is a success and MMS is widely supported, but the enhanced messaging market is characterized by fragmented standards. The big question which this report is designed to cover is how do we get from SMS to MMS. There are two clear streams, the WAP based stream and the SMS based stream. The WAP based stream is M-Services and the SMS based stream is Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS). The SMS based stream also includes derivatives such as Smart Messaging and Magic4.

Additional technologies such as BREW and i-mode are covered and support and revenue maximization strategies for all players in the value chain are explained. The handset, platform, industry associations, content creators and other players are profiled.

Applications such as celebrity voicemail and multi-format postcards are explained, and case studies given. This 260 page report is essential and unique reading for anyone engaged in the mobile messaging market.

Length: 260 pages

Publication date: 6/20/2001

Cost: 495 US dollars

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