An AI-powered customer feedback analytics platform that captures feedback from any platform and immediately reads it, instantly transforming it into actionable insight. Its patented AI requires no unique data models or training, so it instantly starts identifying pain and pleasure points in the customer feedback.

Feedback, where pain & pleasure points are mentioned, is assigned to key drivers to easily indicate where the issues are with a quick drill down to the related feedback to get a detailed understanding of the causes.

Key driver analysis from across feedback channels and customer journeys can be aggregated to give a focused performance measure against customer experience objectives whilst helping to quickly identify corrective actions and continually improve experience outcomes.

Opinyin leverages investment in the third-party systems used to manage the customer journey by integrating to close the loop on customer feedback. And it never requires the export of sensitive customer data to it, enhancing data protection compliance.

Trends data shows the effects of the actions taken, allowing a business to quickly stop the things that don’t work, do more of the things that are working, and change the things that could be better.