Options leave SMEs out in the dot-com cold

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Sixty-eight per cent of SMEs have not set up a web site because they are intimidated by the range of IT options available. According to research carried out by Digital Exchange, the business-to-business ISP, the range of ISPs, bandwidth and telcos available are so daunting that SMEs avoid setting up a site, delaying the take-up of e-commerce.

“SMEs are overwhelmed by the range of solutions on offer, and struggle to find one which suits their needs,” said Hugo Kirby, managing director at Digital Exchange. “They think they have the business strategy to succeed online, but cannot realise their ambitions because they lack the technical know-how to build a site.”

“But if you’re overwhelmed by the stress of having to look at every option, the obvious answer is to choose a solution which removes that stress,” he added. “That’s why we created Digital Exchange – so that businesses can simply choose a solution which offers them everything in one package.”

The package offers a series of web-related services which, when combined, offer a cost-effective solution for all things internet. It offers web site design and hosting, e-commerce consultancy, voiceover IP and security services.

Digital Exchange is the ISP arm of Trams plc focusing solely on business users wanting permanent online connection to the internet at competitive pricing.  The company has networking skills based on both PC and Apple platforms, and is authorised for major vendors including Compaq, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Toshiba and Cisco.

Trams plc employs 45 staff and has a turnover in excess of £15m. Clients include Harrods, Associated Newspapers, Booz Allen and Haymarket Publications.

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