4th May 2021

12 tips for flawless customer experience across remote workforces

What long-term strategies should companies use to ensure remote worker technology failures do not impact customer experience? Find out in this eBook.
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With a majority of the virtual workforce expecting to continue working from home indefinitely, businesses must ensure they have a long-term strategy in place to keep customer experiences consistent.  
A key component for contact centre and IT leaders is having the ability to respond to technology failures that are mostly out of their control.

Why? Because regardless of who owns the issue, anything that negatively affects customer experience or workforce productivity also affects the bottom line. Simply put, the health of the business depends on things working at peak efficiency.

This eBook provides a punch list of actionable advice for frontliners - those who will do just about anything to avoid escalations and customer churn resulting from tech disruption to their employees or customers.

You'll learn

  • Why it's important to create a self-service troubleshooting guide for your remote workers.
  • How to establish a dedicated team to support remote contact centre agents.
  • How to extend testing and monitoring efforts to work from home environments.

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