19th Jun 2020

AI for CRM: A field guide to everything you need to know

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We read a lot about how artificial intelligence will change the world: self-driving cars, bots that text like humans, computers that can tell you, without a doubt, what a cat is. While this is interesting, a lingering question is: how will we actually use it? How will AI integrate into our daily lives? And, how will it integrate into our businesses?

We explore these questions in this e-book. It’s a primer on AI: how greater processing power, better data models, and the insights gleaned from Big Data took computing in different directions. But it’s also the first step in a conversation about how AI will revolutionise the customer relationship, making customer relationship management (CRM) smarter than it’s ever been.

Download the e-book today and gather the tools you’ll need for the AI-driven business of the future.

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