Avoid the Four Perils of CRM

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12th Dec 2006

Companies pour millions into customer relationship management but most initiatives fail to deliver. Here's why - and what you can do to raise the odds of success.

This best practice white paper from the Harvard Business Review tells you how you can avoid the four common perils of CRM:
  • Peril 1 - Implementing CRM before creating a customer strategy
  • Peril 2 - Rolling out CRM before changing your organisation to match
  • Peril 3 - Assuming that the more CRM technology you have, the better
  • Peril 4 - Stalking, not wooing your customer
This paper will help you to learn from common mistakes that others have made in the past. Download this paper now to make sure you get your CRM strategy right. By Darrell K. Rigby, Frederick F Riechheld and Phil Schefter - The Harvard Business Review

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