Be afraid, be very afraid - Is the pensions crisis about to become a marketing crisis?

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20th Oct 2004

Is the pensions crisis about to become a marketing crisis or will it create marketing opportunities?

All the solutions to the pensions crisis are nasty. It either means working longer, saving more money, starting to save money at an earlier age, paying more tax or most likely a combination of all four remedies. The Financial Times, not known for hyperbole, said: “The traditional British penchant for muddling through has bequeathed a system that is incomprehensible, inequitable and inadequate”. All the solutions have a common theme: money that would have been spent on consumption will be transferred by the individual, employer or government to pay for old age. These macro economic changes are going to have a very real impact on the marketing landscape.

About the author

Dick Stroud is a marketing strategy consultant with a special interest in the business implications of demographic change. To read his other articles visit

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