Build a Bot Series: AI and the customer experience evolution

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Customer experience is on the brink of an evolution—with artificial intelligence (AI) development being built and integrated into your everyday life. Hear from customer experience and AI experts on the direct impact this developing technology will have on small and large businesses—with a direct impact for your customers.

Take a front-row seat for this thought leadership web series on AI and the customer experience evolution. In the first webinar, you’ll hear from Genesys and IBM experts on:

  • Understanding AI, its evolution and its practical implications
  • A review of the immediate impact on customer experience and where the customer experience industry is heading in the midst of the AI revolution
  • Innovations from technology leads and how they impact consumers

Meet the Speakers

Chris Connolly, VP, Product Marketing, Genesys

Rob Dunlap, Managing Consultant, IBM

Jack Nichols, Director, Product Management, Genesys

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