Business Buyer’s Guide to Desktop Printers

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22nd Oct 2009

Members of MyCustomer have helped us to compile a definitive guide to computer printers available in the autumn of 2009. The desktop printer guide is one of four different editions. If you are thinking about replacing your current printer, or adding a new model with more features to your collection, consider these points:

Do you
  • Want a printer for a small office where few other people are likely to use it?
  • Want a device that’s near to hand and fits into your available desk space?
  • Typically print fewer than 20 A4 pages a day?
  • Want a simple, inexpensive machine that doesn’t demand a lot of attention?

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, the Business Buyer’s Guide to Desktop Printers is the right edition for you. Submit your details below to download it now:

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