Case study: British Gas use Talgentra's Customer Revenue Management system to reduce customer debt

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31st May 2005

There is a vital component of the CRM mix that is consistently overlooked – Customer Revenue Management (CRevM). However, in today’s economic climate the issues CRevM addresses are increasingly pertinent to many businesses - what to do when those hard-won customers get into repayment difficulties, and how to get money out of them whilst retaining them as customers.

If you've ever had a demanding letter from a bank, electrical, gas or water supplier or phone company which you've thought was a bit strong considering the seriousness of your misdemeanour then you've been the victim of a one-size-fits-all approach to debt collection. This case study discusses how British Gas uses Talgentra’s specialist Customer Revenue Management system to reduce the amount of customer debt it writes off annually – and consequently increased its revenues to the tune of £300 million. It is relevant for utilities, finance companies, telecom operators, government agencies and any business which provides a service in advance of payment. By Talgentra

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