21st Apr 2021

Changes in consumer habits: Looking back on the last 12 months of retail

Since May 2020, consumer habits have been transformed by COVID-19. This report by Intouch Insight explores how the retail sector has changed.
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In their latest edition of the Changes in Consumer Habits series, Intouch Insight dive into how expectations have changed over the last year in the retail sector.

Through surveys carried out over the course of 11 months, they were able to see how lockdown measures have affected consumer choices. For example, in May 2020, cleaniness was of most importance to customers when deciding whether to visit a store. However, surveys conducted in October 2020 and March this year showed that this is now outranked by price and location.

Download the report to find out more, including:

  • What consumers expect from businesses
  • How their habits are solidifying
  • Where businesses can focus their efforts to drive the greatest impact

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