Consumer behaviours & motivations: Why people shop, and how they choose between products and brands

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15th Jun 2022

Peter Dorrington, Chief Strategy Officer at Anthrolytics, and Cyberpsychology PhD Researcher Kathryn Gilfoyle explain the factors and motivations which collectively contribute to consumer behaviour; in other words, what customers really care about, why, and how that contributes to their purchasing decisions.

This whitepaper is relevant to any brand that operates in a business-to-consumer (B2C) environment, including retail, telecommunications, financial services, utilities, and so on, and especially those to whom customer loyalty and lifetime value are strategically important.

This paper provides a model to illustrate and explain the complexities of buying decisions, entwining internal emotional or rational predispositions with external influences to demonstrate the mechanisms behind decision-making.

It also details a new way of enhancing traditional segmentation models with an emotionfocused method. The proven results are segmentation models that are far more accurate and therefore effective at increasing revenues, decreasing costs, and reducing churn rates.

Finally, the paper also briefly reflects on some other factors to consider when evaluating the role of emotions within shopping, and end with our recommendations to help you improve the relationships between you and your consumers and positively impact the bottom-line.


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