Converting customer experience into revenue

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In today’s commerce market, the customer experience is the way to differentiate. Yet the vast number of communication channels makes this an increasingly challenging task. So what does a great multichannel experience look like? Where are the pain points in the customer journey that lead to frustration or, worse, defection to a competitor?

This report uses research conducted with 1,000 UK consumers to investigate the entire consumer buying cycle, exploring the pain points in that journey and, critically, providing insights into how they can be addressed. It reveals:

  • UK businesses are losing a huge £234 billion to competitors by failing to provide a satisfactory customer experience
  • 92% of consumers have had a poor customer experience and 46% have moved to a competitor as a result
  • The impact of making information easily accessible, responding to queries promptly and using the right channels for communication

If your role touches the customer experience, whether that’s in marketing and optimisation or at an operational level running a customer service department or contact centre, this report will help you to create customer experience strategies that impact the bottom line.


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