Creating Sustained Performance Improvement - What Do We Need to Change?

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16th Feb 2005

In order to create a performance improvement we have to do something different from what we do now. If we don’t do something different how can we possibly expect to make a change?

'Creating Sustained Performance Improvement - What Do We Need to Change?' (or 'Breaking the Mould') is a collection of stories about what happened when employees were allowed to take ownership of their work. Their performance became so amazing grown accountants were known to weep. Peter Hunter has taken the lessons from the stories in the book and created a repeatable process that allows others to create the same performance in their own organisations. By Peter Hunter, Hunter Business Consultancies

About the author

Peter Hunter has over 20 years of leadership and team building experience as an officer in 3 different Navies. He settled down after leaving his last navy, the Royal Navy, on the West Coast of Scotland from where he spent the next eight years commuting to South America and the North Sea as a management consultant.

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