CRM Change Management: Creating Organisational Collaboration

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22nd Apr 2005

The biggest challenges in CRM today are to overcome politics, understand CRM and create a "relentless focus on the customer." Changing staff behavior has a big affect on the bottom line as service and knowledge increasingly deliver value to customers. Customers, staff and investors are the same people in different roles. Sustaining all relationships through "new mutuality" will distinguish leading enterprises in the future. "Lip service" is being paid to CRM change management in a move to the familiar territory of short-term ROI, downsizing and cost cutting. Successful CRM means building a unique culture based on the five ingredients of organisational collaboration. Imitation is a waste of time. Techniques and technologies that facilitate shared values and foster collaboration and community, knowledge sharing and innovation, agility and allignment are pivotal.

By Jennifer Kirkby, GartnerG2

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