CRM, Customer Service and Workflow in the Call Centre

11th Dec 2000
Datamonitors latest figures show web-enabled UK call centers growing tenfold in the next four years. The result is not only an increasing total volume of calls handled by call centers, but also a widening variety of responses and queries which the call center and its supporting systems is expected to handle and successfully conclude. This paper argues that direct marketing is too campaign-focused and rarely has the mechanisms in place to measure longer-term customer behavior and see how it is influenced by each type of customer interaction. At the same time, customer-service benefits from a more holistic view of the total customer relationship and can effectively gather important sales and intelligence. The paper looks at the advantages of combining customer service and marketing functions in a CRM call center. The relationship between the cost and the profit of customer satisfaction and the bugbear of call centers, peak and trough response phenomena, are also considered.

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