CRM without compromise - A strategy for profitable growth

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28th Sep 2007

CRM isn’t new. Every company needs to do CRM – one way or another. Every company must discover customer needs, market and sell products that meet these needs.

But CRM can be more than just an enabler – it can serve as a catalyst for business transformation. CRM without compromise is about transforming a business to become truly customer driven. It’s about building a synergistic ecosystem with employees, customers, and partners that consistently creates and delivers customer value. Organizations that can build such an ecosystem that is also flexible enough to quickly respond to changing customer needs and business challenges will have a sustainable competitive advantage and enjoy profitable growth for years to come. This white paper discusses:
  • The CRM paradox
  • How to create a customer-centric business strategy
  • What the strategic business challenges are
  • How to get on and stay on the path to CRM success
  • How to create a strategic framework for CRM
  • How to use CRM as a catalyst for business transformation
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