7th Oct 2021

Customer experience trends report: The new balance

The New Balance: physical vs digital experiences in Europe. What you need to know about what's next.
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What You Need to Know About What's Next

Customer and employee journeys have drastically shifted from in-person interactions to touchless and seamless digital experiences. In fact, brands saw 15-30% growth in online purchase from March to August of 2020. And trends suggest this isn’t going away any time soon. The sudden and expedited shift to digital has illuminated experience gaps across industries that didn’t exist months ago.

Download now to read how the physical and digital experience has changed over the past year and how customer expectations will shape the future of the omnichannel experience.

In this report you'll understand:

  • How consumers are changing the way they interact with brands
  • How the expectations of customers are shifting across different industries and countries
  • What are consumers looking for from the brands they choose to use over the next 12 months

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