13th Mar 2018

Customer service: How do you balance human and machine?

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Can your employees process 1,000 data points simultaneously, in order to provide the ideal experience for your customers?

Given the answer is almost certainly 'no', does that mean artificial intelligence should replace your customer service agents in their entirety?  

In this webinar, Carolyn Blunt, Managing Director of Ember Real Results and Kimberlee West, Product Marketing Manager at 24/7 explore the future of customer service, and explain that while the latest phase of automation – incorporating self-service, artificial intelligence and chatbots – can help reduce labour costs and streamline many customer interactions,  it can’t handle every single customer journey or solve every problem your customers have.

We establish why customer service is not a question of human versus machine, but a balancing act that incorporates AI and automation into your customer engagement strategy, alongside the expertise and knowledge of your employees.

We'll demonstrate:

  • What role chatbots and other AI tools might serve for you and your customers.
  • Why intelligent chatbot technology and automated services empower your human agents to deal with more complex customer service queries.  
  • How to build a viable service strategy around the digital and human mix.

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