9th Oct 2010

Customers tell all: Does your ecommerce experience measure up?

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What do customers think about your online shopping experience? What frustrates them? What devices they do use to shop? Why do they still abandon shopping carts?

This three-part commerce marketing series seeks so answer all of these questions and more. Below is a brief summary of what you'll expect to learn from each asset:
Part one: Online shopping frequency
Mobile devices have enabled consumers to shop when and where they wish, and a better deal is often just a few clicks, or a few taps, away. Learn why today’s marketers must cater to the evolving consumer demands for convenience and connection.

Part two: Device of choice for online shoppers & buyers
Online shoppers were asked about the devices they own and how they use them when shopping and purchasing. Use these revelations to consider your own customers.

Part three: Shopping cart use & expectations
Online shoppers were asked how they use shopping carts and what they expect to happen when they leave items behind. While some consumers still abandon shopping carts with no plans to return, the results of the study show that the shopping cart has become a tool shoppers use to learn more about items prior to purchase, transition between devices and channels, and eventually complete orders. 

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