3rd Jun 2020

CX lessons from the COVID-19 lockdown

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There are a great many strategic lessons that organisations have learned during the process of the COVID-19 pandemic, that in future will enable them to keep their staff safe and supported, their customers informed and satisfied, and their service operations efficient and effective, no matter what the circumstances. 

In the following report, experts explore some of the key learnings that can help to not only ensure that our service operations are well-prepared in the face of any future extraordinary events, but that can help us improve our day-to-day customer experiences in any environment. 

Key insights include:

  • How customer service operations and strategies have been impacted by coronavirus
  • What have we learned about dealing with anxious customers?
  • How to ensure your remote-working service runs smoothly
  • What have we learned about keeping your remote-working teams engaged?
  • What infrastructure needs to be in place to ensure you support your remote-working service teams?

Download the report now for these valuable insights. 

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