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3rd Dec 2004

An effective plan for entering, cleaning and updating the data for your system is critical for achieving success with the system. According to industry experts poor planning for managing the data entry/data quality issue has historically been one of the largest reasons for failure with CRM systems. Learn about data management best practices and solutions appropriate to your sales process and company size.

Document from InsideScoop.

About InsideScoop

InsideScoop is a leading provider of data lifecycle management solutions for on-demand CRM solutions. From data migration, to cleansing and updating, our technology allows you to keep your customer information current, consistent, and standardized on an on-going basis. InsideScoop's data cleansing process enables you to maintain the accuracy, freshness, and integrity of data throughout the prospect to customer lifecycle. As an on-demand software solution, InsideScoop eliminates the complexity and time needed to bring the right account, contact, and lead data into your application. The result is increased revenue through improved sales and marketing productivity. InsideScoop's lead investor is Halsey Minor, the CEO and Founder of Grand Central, and former CEO and Founder of CNET. Halsey's On Demand Venture Fund invests in companies who accelerate the development and deployment of On Demand applications that don't require the use of software or hardware and are delivered as subscription-based services over the Internet. On Demand solutions deliver the same functionality as traditional enterprise software applications but cost significantly less, are less complex to implement and deliver a faster return on investment.

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