Developing a CRM Vision and Strategy

A copy of Jennifer Kirkby's presentation 'Developing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Vision and Strategy' covering:

  • What is a CRM vision?
  • What is a CRM strategy?
  • How does a CRM strategy fit in with other business strategies?
  • How does Customer Relationship Management create value for an enterprise?
  • What CRM techniques will enterprises use to build real customer value?
This presentation is given in PDF format with full accompanying explanatory notes under each slide. By Jennifer Kirkby

About the author

Jennifer Kirkby is the consulting editor. Currently a Director of White Waves Ltd, she was formerly CRM Research Director for Gartner, where she was a primary architect of The Eight Building Blocks of Customer Relationship Management and advised numerous Fortune 500 companies across Europe and Asia on their customer strategies, techniques and Customer Relationship Management technology.

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