15th Oct 2019

Evolution or revolution? Why CX rock stars need both

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You’re collecting customer feedback. You’re combining it with other business data. You’re using the insights you create to drive decisions.

Lovely. But what’s next?

Every customer experience program hits a stage where its evolutionary path hits a plateau. Everything is ticking along nicely, but you’re not breaking new ground. Perhaps it’s time to ditch gentle evolution – and stage a CX revolution.

Join MyCustomer and Confirmit’s Claire Sporton, SVP CX Innovation as she talks through the three critical eras of a CX programme:

  • Getting established: Getting the basics right and driving tactical action.
  • Delivering business impact: Making customer-centric decisions.
  • Creating a lasting legacy: Generating sustainable business growth through CX.

Ready for a revolution? Watch the webinar ondemand with MyCustomer and Confirmit to find out more!

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