Excerpt from - Complicated Lives: sophisticated consumers, intricate lifestyles

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12th May 2005
Complicated Lives raises a key issue for the 21st century consumer - complexity. Michael Willmott and William Nelson discuss how things have changed, outlining the different areas of complexity in consumers' lives: the vast range of choices and information now available; expectations and aspirations constantly on the rise; fluid and flexible family lives; complex and demanding careers and new anxieties to deal with...to name but a few. The book suggests how companies can prosper by helping consumers handle these complexities and how CRM can be improved by recognition of this issue. The issues raised in this book are a must for any PEST analysis of your market. By Michael Willmott, William Nelson ISBN: 0-470-85701-3 August 2003 £27.50 / €41.30 Click here to purchase this book

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