4th Jun 2019

Faster issue resolution with intelligent customer service ​

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Service Leaders continue to find themselves grappling with the same challenges that they have faced, year upon year.  Experience-savvy customers are setting the expectation bar higher, while your organisation continues to battle the strain between squeezing out cost reduction and generating service profitability.

In this webinar John Heald, Global Vice President of SAP Service Cloud and Nigel Darwell-Stone from Xograph Healthcare will highlight why fast and smart service is at the core of customer experience. Get inspired by AI and IoT-powered customer service and feel the impact of experience data. Join this session to hear how to create great service experiences and turn your customers into advocates.


John Heald
Global Vice President Market Development SAP Customer Experience, Service

Nigel Darwell-Stone
Business Development Manager
Xograph Healthcare

Neil Davey

Editor, MyCustomer 

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