Forrester Report: The Top 10 Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Service

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4th Oct 2018

Customers love to self-serve—in fact, 44 percent of US consumers prefer interacting with chatbots over humans for customer service. As enterprises, governments and other organizations look to add chatbots and virtual assistants, vendors have been scrambling to meet demand—yet most don’t seem to meet expectations for brands or users. Download Forrester’s new research report “The Top 10 Chatbots For Enterprise Customer Service” to see which ones are truly capable of providing the firepower needed for a genuine enterprise deployment.

You’ll learn:

  • What’s driving the intense demand for enterprise-grade chatbots for customer service
  • The methodology behind Forrester’s assessment, and the critical evaluation criteria to consider
  • Why Forrester named Nuance’s intelligent virtual assistant the top solution

This report, brought to you by Nuance on behalf of Forrester, is a must-read if you’re serious about delivering the kind of virtual assistant experience that wows customers—boosting your brand reputation and bottom line in the process.

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