Gearing up for the 'wow!' - People are the key to exceptional customer experiences

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12th Nov 2004
It is widely acknowledged that people are key to a business’s ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences; yet for some reason it tends to be the systems, processes and routines that receive most of the attention when designing or repairing these experiences. That the design’s success depends on a committed attitude as much as on expertise, often seems neglected. Let’s look therefore at what this involves, and how this can determine whether the customer ends up with a 'wow' or something else.

About the author

Harold Russell is Director of Blueprinting Excellence, a consultancy specialising in helping organisations get to the heart of what makes for exceptional performance in individuals, teams and their organisation as a whole. His many years of experience at the sharp end of change enable him to offer practical guidance to management teams on all those people, leadership, management and culture issues that affect the way organisations think, change and operate.

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