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6th Aug 2004

Europe’s top-selling Internet marketing author Dave Chaffey will tell you how to maximise response through integrated email marketing campaigns in this paper.

Download the slides and the audio presentation from this 60 minute web conference, held in May 2004. E-mail campaigns and e-newsletters are widely used. They are cost-effective communication tools. But they don’t always achieve best results on their own. Dave Chaffey argues that e-mail is most powerful as a marketing tool when it is fully integrated into a communications plan. He discusses how leading marketers use e-mail strategically alongside direct mail, telemarketing, advertising and the Web. What you will learn?
  • Ten strategic e-mail marketing options
  • Success factors for each e-mail option
  • Principles of effective e-permission marketing
  • Designing multi-channel, multi-message campaigns
  • Defining a touch strategy
  • Advanced targeting options
  • How to beat the spam filters
  • A practical approach to e-mail testing
  • E-mail best practice for b2b and b2c organisations
About the author Consultant, trainer and author Dave Chaffey is recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of the 50 experts worldwide who have done most to shape the future of marketing. He has written four best-selling books on E-marketing (including Total E-mail Marketing), trained thousands of marketers from Europe, the Americas and Asia, and has guided organisations such as 3M, HSBC, Intel and Tektronix through the e-marketing maze. Please Note: This is best played on a fast Internet connection and requires Windows Media Player 9.

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