How environmentally conscious practices and products present a profitable future today

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29th Jul 2008

The buying public wants to 'Go Green!' A study of more than 7,500 consumers in 17 countries in North America, Europe and Asia found that 64 percent of respondents said they would be willing to pay a higher price — a premium of 11 percent on average — for products and services that produce lower greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, 41 percent said they regularly buy products containing recycled material.

'Going green' it seems = high profits. This document encourages you to ask yourself:
  • How Green is the company right now?
  • Where can we quickly make a positive environmental impact (what are employees and customers demanding)?
  • Where will the company need to roll up its sleeves and make tough decisions about pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions?
  • What products currently lend themselves to 'Going Green,' and what Green markets are further out on the horizon?
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