How to ensure your CX programme has 2020 vision

Against a backdrop of product commoditisation and concerns about the perils of price wars, the customer experience has emerged as the de facto focus for competitive differentiation. But is this investment actually translating into competitive advantage? Not according to the latest Forrester CX Index, which suggests that most brands are rated pretty similarly in terms of the customer experience they deliver, with few excelling and therefore achieving differentiation. 

For competitive differentiation to be achieved, organisations need to explore not only how they can improve their customer experiences at a rate that exceeds that of the competition, but also that keeps pace with customer expectations. This means acknowledging that while customer experience programmes must mature as part of ongoing CX evolution, at crucial periods in this evolution there will be a need for CX revolution too.

With that in mind, this guide explores the key opportunities that exist to create competitive differentiation by embracing evolution – and revolution – of your CX programme. These are:

  • Connect, don’t collect: Achieving great customer insight and understanding by connecting the data from different sources around your organisation.
  • Customer-centric decision-making: Ensuring that your CX programme is action-oriented, and that those on the frontlines are empowered to make customer-centric decisions and take decisive action.
  • Employee engagement: Embracing agile employee experience programmes to allow the organisation to learn more from and about its employees through continuous engagement.
2020 vision

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