4th Dec 2003

How to Increase Bottom Line Profits by Improving Customer Experiences

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Find out how to increase bottom line profits by improving customer experiences. Learn about experience based management (EBM). It goes without saying that satisfying the customer is the key to success of any enterprise, so the connection between organisations and their clients has never been more critical than it is today. The cost of customer acquisition is constantly on the rise, as the cost of switching brands becomes less of an issue for consumers and businesses. Product and service companies are experiencing lower profits caused by an increasing customer churn rate. Therefore, measuring and managing the service delivery and brand experiences associated with a product and immediate improvements in any offering are critical to keeping customers and increasing profitability in today’s transient markets. In this paper from ResponseTek, we will quickly review challenges companies are facing today and points to consider for successful customer retention. We will also focus on a real-time, qualitative data solution to increase customer retention to an optimum level and in turn, increase profitability.

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