20th Sep 2021

How to move communications to the cloud

Practical advice for IT and business leaders who are making strategic decisions about their communications platform.
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The digital transformation era has arrived and it’s causing unprecedented disruption in every industry. Many organizations that were market leaders just a few years ago are now struggling, being chopped up into parts or have gone away. The long term winners in the digital era will be those organizations that are highly agile and adaptable to change. This requires being able to make the best decision, with the right people in as short a time as possible, which puts an emphasis on the communications tools used by employees. This includes unified communications, team collaboration, virtual presentation tools, contact center and communications platform as a service.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • The top 8 reasons the time is right for all companies to embrace the cloud
  • The benefits of a full suite from a single provider
  • Key questions to ask regarding cloud communications
  • Best practices for choosing the right cloud communications provider
  • Challenges encountered when migrating to the cloud

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