25th Oct 2019

How to plan and begin your contact centre’s digital transformation journey

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As businesses begin their digital transformation of their contact centres, there are many important considerations that they must factor into their plans.

So how can you plot out your path ahead, and what can we learn from those that are already undertaking their own journey?

Join MyCustomer and a panel of experts to examine why so many contact centres are embarking on digital transformation programmes and how true transformation can be achieved.

Hosted by MyCustomer editor Chris Ward, you’ll hear a fascinating case study from Sasha Redman and Alan Garatt at Arco - the UK’s leading provider of safety equipment – sharing lessons learned during the implementation of their £40m Digital First initiative, and the introduction of a national engagement centre.

You’ll also hear from RingCentral’s Sunny Dhami about the strategies and solutions your business can adopt to enhance its own digital transformation project.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why digital transformation is so important to today’s contact centres.
  • What transformation of contact centres entails.
  • What are the key considerations before a digital transformation project.
  • How contact centres can map out the transformation journey.


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