10th Sep 2018

How to select a CX platform for maximum impact

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The Temkin Group determined that even a modest rise in customer satisfaction indicators can make an impact. Just a 10% increase in CX scores can lead to additional earnings of $471 million to $823 million over three years for a typical $1 billion company. Results vary by sector, with hospitality, travel, fast food, and insurance enterprises reaping some of the most dramatic rewards, growing upwards of 20%.

But the key word here is “effective.” Poorly-executed efforts will fail. Only a rigorous approach will get results.

This whitepaper by Intouch Insight will show you what it takes to be part of the 19% that succeed at CX initiatives and teach you: 

  • What defines a strong CX platform
  • The components of a successful CX program; and
  • What software features to look for to get a dynamic, customizable platform that meets your company’s unique needs.

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