7th Mar 2018

How to succeed with customer interaction analytics

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You and your executive team likely recognise the potential value of customer interaction analytics. Timely insights into customer behaviour and experiences give your company an opportunity to outpace the competition, nimbly pivot to meet new customer needs and quickly respond to issues.

The result? Longer-term, more loyal customers, and happier, more engaged contact centre staff. So why do so many call centre analytics deployments fail to meet their full potential—or even simply meet basic executive expectations? Calabrio commonly see three main reasons for this frequent disappointment:

• Confusion on what “analytics” really is, or can be

• Inadequate pre- and post-deployment planning

• Lack of ongoing focus, resources and funding

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right approach and continued consistency, you can realise powerful business benefits from customer interaction analytics.

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