15th May 2020

Leveraging AI behavioural models to maintain customer satisfaction with work-from-home agents

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With COVID-19 plunging many contact centres into the unchartered waters of having an entirely remote workforce, emphasis has been on how managers can empower staff to continue delivering great customer service, working from home. 

As a result, automation and artificial intelligence has risen to prominence as a key discussion feature - specifically the enhanced use of AI behaviour models.   

Contact centre quality assurance is just one example of a manual process that can be shifted to an automated setting, and is proven to move the needle on customer satisfaction metrics.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn

  • Why in contact centres, all stakeholders benefit from a quality assurance program that uses a quality automation solution powered by AI behaviour models.
  • The benefits of AI behaviour models to quality teams and supervisors
  • How AI can empower agents by linking their behavior directly to corporate objectives and results

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